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♚『gimmick game』♚

shout it out;

25 March 1985
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Welcome to the journal of gimmick_game. I'm 26, live in Largo, Florida with my Husband, dog, cat and rabbit, and soon my new daughter. I work part-time from home and in my spare time I take care of the house, read, write, sing, work on graphic design and web design, and fangirl the shiny Japanese boy band known as 嵐(Arashi). My journal is friends only, mostly due to the fact that I have a fairly large f-list as it is and I post quite a bit of my personal life here. If you would still like to friend me, I ask that you please comment on my f-only post. Please do not take it personally if I do not add you back. :)


Please do not add this journal if you are looking for scans, uploads, fic or graphics. All of these are hosted at either a_ra_shi (scans & uploads), wemakestorm (fic) or [Bad username: sonokotoba)]