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04 June 2013 @ 05:36 pm
Wow...so I haven't updated in almost two months. Shit. Well, it has been INSANELY busy between being prego, work and chasing after a toddler.

I'm posting now not only to update here but as a place to post a wall of text I don't want to have to constantly put up on FB. I will be updating every day to keep my family and friends in-the-know.

As of Sunday, my water has broken (it's a slow leak) and I've been admitted to the hospital on bed rest and many, many antibiotics until such time as I either go into labor on my own or 34 weeks, when they will induce me. The infection risk at that point no longer outweighs the good of her cooking longer.

I am at the absolute best facility for this in probably the entire Southeastern United States, which is very lucky. She's already to a point in development where she could either come out breathing absolutely fine or still need to be tubed - but there is no way of knowing - hence hoping to keep her cooking for another few weeks at least. I've had two steroid shots in my butt (ow) to help her lungs develop quicker but they're not guarantee. Either way, like I said, I'm in the best place for this to happen and her chances are SUPER high not only due to her age but the fact that she's here.

SO, B is playing single dad at the moment but LUCKILY Miss Abby here decided to wait for this to happen literally 2 days after I was eligible for short-term disability through work. HOLLA. So yay, not only is my job still ACTIVE (which, really, we're seeing right now how much they need me and ♥ me so it's all good - even if I'd HAD to quit-return, I would have had a job no questions asked), but I'm getting paid at least part of my salary! WOO MONEY. Which is good, because yes I have a ton of shit I need to buy now that we hadn't even remotely started to gather - and adding on top of that is preemie stuff. Ugh. This is our registry at Target if you'd like to help out. Greatly needed items will be the Boppy (Amelia has commandeered hers as a pillow and I don't want to take it away from her), newborn or preemie clothes, and blankets. Lots of blankets. A lot of other stuff we still have but we didn't keep a whole lot of Amelia's smaller clothes, which at this point we need preemie anyway. We'll also need preemie diapers but I don't actually see those anywhere on Target so I'm also making a Babies R Us registry to try and find a few more preemie things. I'll link that later. Babies R Us registry.

For now, it's just a waiting game. I've not had any contractions, so that's a major plus, and the leak is slow. She's doing great so we just have to wait for her to either decide to come or push it to 34 weeks if we can. I told her if she's going to be a June baby she has to pick either the 13th or the 17th. ;) The 25th is Amelia's eye surgery so she can't have that day because her sister REALLY needs to get that eye duct popped!
DJ Shiny Bubbles: A.RA.SHI - Juntoshiopaquebubble on June 4th, 2013 10:28 pm (UTC)
I wish I could help! Crossing fingers everything goes smoothly and she marinates a bit more before making her grand arrival. ♥

Also hoping Amelia's surgery goes well, and that all is well with you! Major hugs.